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The last update to the version. (Unless there be bugs)
So I have just release the updated version of this for and this will be the last one (Except if there is a bug that needs fixing) All new content will b...
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Hotfix for Windows ZIP Version
Hey All, Since I am Unable to provide a new version until after the voting ends (In about a month) I can't provide an updated copy of the game. However as some...
A few mini bugs
I have found the following odd bugs that wont be fixed until after the IGMC2017 Voting has passed. (I have a fix built but rules say I can't upload now.... soz)...
Save fix now available
I have now fixed the save bug so you should now be able to save/load and edit settings with no issues. Extra, Unused data has also been removed to help perform...
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Save Bug
I have identified a bug that causes the game to crash when saving data in the Windows version. We are working on a fix however this won't affect users unless th...
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